Breathing to reduce pain, writing to reduce stress



My daughter sees an amazing Cardiologist, Dr. David Thoele, at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Chicago. She had been experiencing chest pain of late and we went back to see him and sure enough he had a low cost, no medicine fix and it’s working. Check out this amazing video on how to breathe to stretch out your muscles to prevent chest pain. Most chest pain is a result of a muscle spasm not heart issues. Chest pain can be caused by heart issues so if you are NOT sure be sure to consult a physician. Meanwhile- the breathing exercises can help in a multitude of ways. It can reduce stress, help with insomnia if you do it before bed and increase your lung capacity. Be sure to check it out today!

Another amazing tool that Dr. Thoele shared with us is the 3-Minute Mental Makeover. It’s a therapeutic writing approach that can help reduce your stress, increase your mood and it’s scientifically proven! Dr. Thoele has done a study of patients from Advocate and their families and will be published in the American Academy of Pediatrics journal of medicine in the coming months. Here are the steps he shared with us last week:

  1. Get a journal/notebook
  2. Begin the 3 minute mental makeover
    1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for (be specific)
    2. The story of your life in 6 words (does not have to be a sentence, list of words is fine)
    3. 3 wishes (like you are asking a genie in a magic lamp)
    4. Share with a family member (ideally do this with a loved one- they do theirs – you do yours at the end share with each other)
  3. This all takes just 3 minutes and you reduce your stress, increase your mood and feel just great! Meghan and I are doing it and it’s working!

Thank you Dr. David Thoele for being an amazing doctor, for taking such good care of Meghan and for helping us figure out easy and low cost ways to live a healthier life and reduce our stress. Thank you!


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