Everyone gets sick and Mom still has to power through it….



Winter (weather wise vs actual winter) colds and flus are the worst. This year my oldest, Quinn, will now be known as ‘Patient Zero.” Quinn fell ill with cough and fever a few weeks before Thanksgiving but it got really bad the Sunday before so we went to the walk-in and he got antibiotics and was well by Thanksgiving day. Sadly he passed his germs to his Dad who is still hacking, who during the night literally hacked and spit on my face (he was asleep so I can forgive him) and then I got it and then of course Mommy loving on 2 younger kids -and POOF- the whole family is down with this bug.

Coughing, hacking, and fever. The school district we are in gives you off Thanksgiving week for K-8th grade so my kids were off and due to the cold coming the Sunday after Thanksgiving they missed all last week. Pediatrician wouldn’t give them antibiotics even though the rest of us were on them. I simply had to call my doctor as she knew darn well that Mom doesn’t get a day off and I had no way to care for them and come in. She listened to me hack and I was on the road to wellness. At our 2nd pediatrician appointment for last week the doc agreed to give them antibiotics but only after the youngest, Cole, was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Holy Cow.

Today is Monday December 3rd and although we should be rejoicing and I should be making a birthday cake I am writing this and Cole is still home exhausted from the Pneumonia bug. Meghan, the 14 yr old Birthday girl is at school and will probably come home exhausted and having a TON of work to make-up. Both kids have worked tirelessly on their homework all week but some of it didn’t get done and it just is what it is. When you are sick and tired and you can’t get off the couch you sometimes can’t get all your homework done. So instead of making a cake- request was a marble cake- I thankfully found a pre-made Snow Man decorated one (super cute) and had the bakery add her name and Happy Birthday.  No, it will not be the best Birthday cake she’s ever had but we can still light candles and sing Happy Birthday and celebrate.

In all of this- where do I fall in the roster of being cared for? Apparently bottom of the list, even below the dog. Someone has to let her out- someone has to feed her. Someone has to do the laundry, change the sick sheets and clean the house. That someone was/is me. I am so grateful to my doctor- I was only sick for 4 days and she gave me the zpak- I felt a lot better 2 days later and was able to do all the “stuff” that one does to take care of the rest of them and keep the house afloat. But now that the worst is over- who is going to take care of me? ME apparently.

So I sit here, resting and sipping my coffee and writing to all of you. Mom’s- you can’t afford to get sick because if you do- you still have to be the Mom regardless. The only saving grace was that I got sick after Thanksgiving and after I’d made the Turkey soup. I swear I ate soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner after I got sick and it helped. It made me feel like my mom was there taking care of me as she would make me soup when I was sick as a kid.

So take good care of yourself. Take your daily vitamins and your immune boosters and make soup and wrap yourself up in a blanket and go watch a movie and take care of yourself. Because when they all go down you are the only one who is going to save the day- at least in my house that’s how it works.

I will say in my husband’s defense- that if he wasn’t sick he would have totally bought me some soup!


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