Who Continues to Live and Flourish? Hopefully everyone does but not everyone can imagine a life after abuse, death, tragedy or loss. I was only 10 years old when I lost so much. I continued down a downward spiral through high school, met 2 really nasty boyfriends surviving years of abuse, and finally at age 27 met the love of my life and began to heal from the past and from then on I have Continued to Live and Flourish. There is hope and I’m here to share my story. I’m scared to write about some of it but I know its important to talk about these topics. If I can help just one person realize that they are worthy and they should Continue to Live and Flourish then I’ve done my job.

More about me:

I am a 44 year old mom of 3 living in Chicagoland. I am a native of Massachusetts and I’ve moved around a lot since I was 18 (most in MA but Seattle snuck in there and now IL). I met my husband in 1999- using the online personal ads from yahoo (which used to be free back then). I have 3 active kids that we now homeschool. They are 5th, 6th and 8th graders. My oldest went to public school along with his siblings until he was in 3rd grade. My youngest was in Kindergarten at the time and due to a mold allergy and horrible carpets in his elementary school and a firm “No! We can’t fix it for your child!” from our old town- we chose to homeschool all 3 kids starting in the fall of 2012. As much as it was not our “plan” (I had been working prior) nor our intention- homeschooling has stuck and we love it.

I hope this blog becomes a source of hope and faith in humanity. As much as I have survived a lot I overcame it all due to the wonderful caring individuals I met along the way. Those folks helped me Continue to Live and Flourish and I hope I can pay it forward and do that for you.

My posts will include survival of all types of abuse, health challenges, homeschooling, family, and more. I hope you enjoy the journey and realize you too can Continue to Live and Flourish despite it all 🙂



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