What Strategies do you use to Continue to Live and Flourish?

First strategy is never give up HOPE. No matter what happens in your life- you are WORTHY and you deserve to SURVIVE.

Second I recommend if you are stuck in the depths of despair (depression) then MOVE. Literally get up off the couch, change your environment and MOVE your body. Exercise of any kind- a short walk, a bike ride, even just getting off the couch and sitting outside can help boost your mood. Remember that no matter what- you are NOT alone. Even if your group of friends has dwindled and you may live alone you are truly never ever alone. Read here to find out more about depression and anxiety.

Next I would recommend making a list of all the folks who love you. My list was My family, my spouse, (this was pre-kids) and friends who I had known over the years. Not everyone I was still talking to on a regular basis but I realized that I was loved and that folks liked me and that I wasn’t truly alone. I then made a list of folks I could call if I felt badly. I found one friend who was willing to let me hang out at her house when I felt bad. This was during a time in my life that anxiety had taken over and I quit my job as I was frozen in fear 24 hours a day. I was going to therapy and trying to heal from the past.

Write Affirmations. Make a poster or put post it notes around your house with positive things about yourself. If you are in a bad place and can’t think of any ask a friend to write good things about you. Read these things every day. I used to post them on my walls and it was easy to take them off if company came. I wasn’t much up for company so my post-it-notes stayed on the wall for a while. If you need helping here are some great post-it-note affirmations.

If Anxiety has taken over your life try these great tips on how to get rid of anxiety in 4 steps.  If these steps are too daunting. First breathe and I truly mean that. One way to help is to put your index finger over one nostril and slowly count to 5 while you breathe in and then count to 5 as you breathe out. Do this until your heart stops racing. Also- if you suffer from panic attacks remember that they do end. Even if they feel horrible they do end. Most last no longer than 2 minutes (trust me I know- the longest minutes of your life are those two flippin’ minutes!! but they do END!) Overcoming Panic attacks can be done!

I will continue to add strategies as I remember them and provide resources as I find them. Know that you are OK and feel free to share what works for you in the comments. I’d be happy to update this page with your tips.




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